Fill a clean, disinfected vase with fresh 
cold water. Add one packet of the flower food that’s included in the box. Flowers love the cold, so you can add a few ice cubes 
to the water to extend their vase life.


Cut the stem on each rose at least one 
inch from the bottom with a diagonal cut. This allows the stem to absorb water with greater force. Flowers should be cut to 
about twice the height of your vase.


As for the roses in your arrangement, you will notice guard petals (outer petals) on each head. These petals protect the inner petals during shipping and should be removed carefully if they are bruised or damaged.


Remove foliage from the bottom of each stem so there are no leaves below the 
water line. This will prevent bacteria from 
growing in the vase.


Finally, place your flowers in the vase. 
Display them in a cool, dry place away from drafts and direct sunlight. Now enjoy 
watching them bloom!

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Caring for


After a few days you can refresh your
flowers by repeating the steps above. This
will extend their vase life significantly.

Remove the leaves and petals that wilt or
brown over time to ensure your blooms
always look their best.

If you run out of flower food, you can make your own. Simply add a cap full of bleach,
a few drops of lemon juice or vinegar, and a few ice cubes to a vase of fresh,
clean water.

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